Chair’s Challenge!

Without a doubt, Election 2024 promises to be a historical turning point in the fight to protect and fortify our freedoms and democracy! The best way to fight for Oregonians is to make sure we compete in and win as many open local races as possible across the state and hold MAGA Republicans accountable at every turn!

That’s why the Democratic Party of Oregon is committed to continuing our candidate training and support program, the Local Elections Project.

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The Democratic Party is up to the challenge, but let me make one thing very clear: Republicans will win if we let them go unchallenged in the May and November local elections. It is up to all of us to make beautiful BLUE Oregon even more blue!

Please consider the many ways you can get involved this year. As we prepare to launch our statewide grassroots organizing effort, our goal must be to see a Democrat running for every open local race possible on every ballot. With the leadership and activism of dedicated Democrats across Oregon, we will win!

In 2024 there are 956 local offices up for election on the May and November ballots. In 2022, 434 Democrats filed for these local offices and 309, or 71%, won their elections. Since the DPO started our Local Elections Project, we have trained and supported 575 local candidates and their volunteer campaign teams to help them win.

In 2024, the most consequential election of our lifetime, I hope you’ll consider recruiting a candidate to run for an open office, running for office yourself, volunteering for a campaign, or donating by clicking here:

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We know MAGA Republicans are targeting Oregon Democrats. From local offices to the White House, I hope you’ll join us to make sure we win these critical elections. Thanks so much for everything you do to protect democracy in Oregon and nationally!

In sincere appreciation and solidarity,

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