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05 November 2024
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A Democratic Vision for Curry County

We the People
Good Governance


Voting is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of our democracy. We support federal standards to ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise this right without impediment. This includes the national option to vote by mail.


An educated citizenry is essential to the development and stability of our nation. High-quality public Pre-K through vocational training and community college should be fully-funded by our government. All Americans should have access to affordable public higher education.

Economic Justice

Sustained economic growth should create prosperity for all people rather than concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few. All members of society deserve the opportunity to earn a living wage. Tax reform must protect working families and the vulnerable while requiring corporations and the wealthy to pay a fair share.

United States Postal Service

The USPS should be fully supported so that it may continue to provide reliable, affordable, and universal mail service. We also support legislation that will allow the USPS to serve as a public banking option.

Gun Ownership

It is a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Common-sense gun laws reduce gun violence and promote public safety. Reasonable gun legislation saves lives.

Public Safety

All Americans have the right to be safe in our communities. Our government institutions must follow a single standard of public safety for All.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Health, Wellness, and General Welfare

Health Care

Access to quality, affordable health services is a human right. Everyone should be provided with necessary health services, whenever and wherever needed, without suffering financial hardship.  

Every woman has the fundamental right to make decisions regarding her personal health. All women deserve access to a full range of legal reproductive healthcare services, including safe abortions.

COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

Federal, state, and local governments must protect public health during a pandemic. This includes providing free access to vaccination, requiring proven mitigation measures such as mask use, and providing additional assistance to underserved communities. A permanent pandemic taskforce should be maintained at the national level.

Affordable, Available Housing

Safe, stable, and affordable housing should be available in every community across America. Everyone deserves access to a place to call home.


We honor all active-duty and retired members of the US Armed Services and Reserve Guard Forces and support their full access to all earned benefits.

Cannabis/Banking Transparency

The use, production, and sales of cannabis should be legalized federally, including allowing the cannabis industry access to the nation’s banking system. Retail cannabis is a legitimate business that will bolster our national economy.

Unions and Wages

All workers deserve the right to organize and bargain collectively. An inflation-adjusted minimum wage is essential for all American workers. The national minimum wage should be a living wage.

Liberty and Justice for All
Equality and Fairness Under the Law

Social Justice/Equal Opportunity

All people are worthy of and deserve equal political, social, and economic rights and opportunities. We denounce prejudice, hatred, or discrimination directed at any individual or group of people. We support legislation that strives to achieve dignity and equal opportunity for All.


Border security is essential to national security. We support secure borders with sensible, humane immigration policies providing for direct pathways to citizenship for immigrant youth (DACA) and legal residency and eventual citizenship for undocumented immigrant workers and their families. Asylum for immigrants fleeing violence, harm and/or death must be upheld as required by U.S. and International Law.

Criminal Justice

The Department of Justice has an independent duty to uphold the rule of law by enforcing a single justice system — one that ensures fair and equitable treatment of all people without bias. We oppose privatization of prisons, excessive incarceration, and the death penalty, all of which reinforce systemic racial inequity. We support fair and humane treatment of incarcerated individuals, parole reform, and re-entry rehabilitation programs.

Law Enforcement Reform

Law enforcement plays a crucial role in public safety. Sweeping structural changes in policing policies are needed to combat excessive use of force and racial or social profiling. Policies should be established requiring transparency and accountability, the end to “qualified immunity,” and a national registry to track police misconduct.

A Sustainable Planet

Climate Change

Science makes it clear that our climate is in crisis due to continuing human impact. Government and business leaders must take immediate action to limit greenhouse gas emissions for the sake of ourselves, our children, and future generations.

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal will provide the basis for building clean water systems, energy grids, and low emission public transportation. It will also create numerous jobs with stable living wages, and ensure healthier living conditions for neglected lower-income families where hazardous health environments exist.

Buy American, Shop Local

Community members should support local economies by purchasing American-made goods from local businesses, and by supporting local entrepreneurs.


Government should support public projects to modernize our physical infrastructure (including roads and bridges, water systems, the electrical grid, and communication systems), as well as our social infrastructure (including schools, child care, affordable housing, and hospitals).

Community Disaster Preparedness

Withstanding and recovering from disasters should be a community-focused endeavor supported by federal, state, and local agencies. We envision resilient communities that encourage individual preparedness while facilitating a robust, collective response to large-scale disasters.

A Call to Action for All Curry County Democrats

Most of us agree that our democracy is under attack by authoritarians.  We are the majority, but that only matters if EACH of us takes action to protect our rights and way of life.  Please review each of the categories below to help you decide what you can do, then ACT!

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Voting Information for Curry County

Click on an icon below for more information.
A link to the Voting Section on this website.
Ballotpedia Information for Curry County. Also a very good resource for state and federal elections!

Elections have Consequences!

Voting is a fundamental right and a crucial aspect of democratic societies. Here are five compelling reasons to vote:

  1. Exercising Civic Duty: Voting is one of the most direct ways for citizens to participate in their government. It’s a way to express your voice and contribute to the decision-making process that affects your community, country, and often the world.

  2. Influencing Policy and Change: By voting, you have the power to shape the policies and laws that govern your society. Elected officials make decisions on issues like healthcare, education, the economy, and more. Your vote helps determine the direction of these policies.

  3. Representing Your Interests: When you vote, you choose representatives who you believe will advocate for your values, beliefs, and interests. This is especially important in a diverse society, as it allows for a wide range of perspectives to be heard and considered.

  4. Holding Leaders Accountable: Voting is a way to hold politicians accountable for their actions. Elected officials are responsible for fulfilling promises and representing the interests of their constituents. If they fail to do so, voters have the power to choose new leaders in the next election.

  5. Preserving Democracy: A healthy democracy relies on active citizen participation. When more people vote, it strengthens the democratic process and ensures that leaders are chosen through a fair and inclusive system. This helps maintain the stability and integrity of the democratic system.

Remember, every vote counts and collectively, they shape the course of a nation. Your voice matters, and voting is a powerful way to make it heard.

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Click on the Act Blue Icon below and donate to the Curry County Democrats quickly and easily. For the most impact, make your donation reoccurring. A small donation every month will make a HUGE difference.* Thanks in advance!!

*If only 10 percent of the 4,300 registered Democrats in Curry County donated just $5.00 a month, we could cover all our expenses and fund  the activities we hope to undertake.  With a little help from you, we can turn Curry County blue for the next election and all the elections to come!

Donating to the Curry County Democrats has a significant impact on the political landscape of our community.  Your donation supports:

  • Increasing Voter Engagement and Turnout: Donations can be used to fund voter registration drives, education campaigns, and get-out-the-vote efforts. This helps to ensure that more people in your community are informed and engaged in the democratic process, ultimately leading to a more representative and accountable government.
  • Balancing Political Influence: In our area, political power is weighted towards the Republicans. Donating to the local Democratic party can help balance this influence, fostering a more diverse and dynamic political environment. This can lead to more balanced policy-making that reflects a wider range of perspectives.
  • Democratic Values and Policies: By donating to the Curry County Democrats, you are endorsing and furthering the party’s platform and policies. This includes issues like affordable healthcare, climate change, civil rights, and social justice. Your contribution helps advance these causes at a grassroots level.
  • Building Stronger Communities: The Curry Democrats invest time and effort supporting community development initiatives. These efforts can include programs for education, public health, housing, and job creation. Donations can be used to support these projects, making your community a better place to live.
  • Funding Grassroots Campaigns: The Curry County Democrats often support candidates running for city councils, school boards, state legislatures, and other local positions. These candidates play a vital role in shaping policies that directly impact your community. Your donation can help fund their campaigns and give them a better chance of success.
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Volunteering with the Curry County Democrats is a rewarding and impactful way to contribute to your community and the political process. Here are five compelling reasons to consider:

  1. Directly Shape the Political Landscape: Volunteering with the us party allows you to actively participate in the democratic process. You can help shape policies, support candidates, and advocate for issues that align with your values and priorities.
  2. Strengthen Democracy at the Grassroots Level: Local politics play a crucial role in shaping communities. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to work on campaigns for city council, school board, state legislature, and other local positions. These officials have a direct impact on issues like education, public safety, and local infrastructure.
  3. Build a Stronger, More Informed Community: Through volunteer activities like voter registration drives, canvassing, and phone banking, you can help increase civic engagement and political awareness in your community. This contributes to a more informed electorate and fosters a stronger sense of community involvement.
  4. Learn Valuable Skills and Network: Volunteering can provide opportunities to develop valuable skills like communication, teamwork, leadership, and organizational abilities. It’s also a chance to network with like-minded individuals, activists, and potential future leaders in your community.
  5. Promote Inclusivity and Representation: Volunteering with the local Democratic party helps promote diversity and inclusivity in politics. By actively participating, you contribute to a more representative and inclusive democracy, ensuring that a broader range of perspectives are considered in the decision-making process.
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Attend Events and Meetings

Click Icon below to go to the Events calendar and other event information

Attending events and meetings presented by your county Democratic party can be a valuable way to engage in the political process and contribute to your community. Here are five compelling reasons to participate:

  1. Stay Informed and Educated: Democratic party events and meetings provide a platform for staying updated on current political issues, local initiatives, and the party’s stance on various matters. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions when voting and advocating for policies you believe in.
  2. Network and Build Relationships: These gatherings offer opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and priorities. Networking within the Democratic party can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and friendships that extend beyond the event itself.
  3. Influence Party Policy and Platform: By attending meetings, you have a voice in shaping the policies and priorities of the Democratic party at the local level. Your input and feedback can contribute to a platform that better represents the interests of your community.
  4. Support Democratic Candidates and Causes: Events often serve as a platform to introduce and support Democratic candidates running for various offices. By attending, you can learn about these candidates, offer your support, and potentially get involved in their campaigns.
  5. Contribute to Grassroots Organizing: Many events hosted by the county Democratic party involve grassroots organizing efforts, such as voter registration drives, issue advocacy, and community outreach. Your participation directly contributes to the strength and effectiveness of these initiatives.

Remember to actively engage during events and meetings by asking questions, sharing your perspective, and participating in discussions. Your presence and contributions can make a significant impact on the party’s efforts and the broader political landscape.

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Spread the Word

Click Icons below for more information
CCD Facebook Page
National Democratic Training Committee: How to Get Out the Word.

To effectively get the Curry County Democrats’ messages out to friends, family, and neighbors, it’s important to employ a multi-faceted approach. Here are five highly effective methods:

  • Host Community Events and Meetings: Organize events, town halls, or community meetings where Curry County Democrats can interact with locals, discuss important issues, and share their message directly.
  • Utilize Social Media Platforms: Maintain active and engaging social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Regularly post updates, share informative content, and interact with followers to broaden your reach.
  • Develop a Strong Email Campaign: Build an email list with supporters, friends, and acquaintances. Send out regular newsletters with updates on party activities, policy positions, and calls to action. Personalize messages to make them relatable and engaging.
  • Door-to-Door Canvassing and Phone Banking: Organize door-knocking campaigns and phone banking efforts to directly engage with voters. This allows for personal conversations and provides an opportunity to address questions or concerns.
  • Engage in Grassroots Advocacy and Partnerships: Collaborate with local organizations, community groups, and influential figures who share similar values. Together, you can amplify messages and initiatives, reaching a wider and more diverse audience.

Remember, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent and authentic voice across all communication channels. Additionally, always be open to feedback and responsive to the concerns and needs of your community. This builds trust and strengthens connections, making it more likely that your message will resonate with friends, family, and neighbors.

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Recruit Like-Minded Friends, Families and Neighbors

Click on icon below for more information

Recruiting like-minded individuals to support the Curry County Democrats  can have a substantial impact on local politics and the community as a whole. Here are five compelling reasons to engage in this effort:

  1. Strength in Numbers: Recruiting like-minded individuals strengthens the collective voice of the Curry County Democratic party. A larger, more engaged base can exert more influence on local politics, policies, and elections. This increased presence helps ensure that Democratic values are well-represented.

  2. Diverse Perspectives and Ideas: Bringing in a variety of individuals with similar values can lead to a diversity of perspectives and ideas within the party. This diversity enriches discussions, promotes creative problem-solving, and helps the party address a broader range of issues effectively.

  3. Expand Grassroots Activism: More supporters means more hands on deck for grassroots activities. Recruited individuals can contribute to initiatives like voter registration drives, community outreach, and advocacy efforts. This expanded activism can lead to greater community engagement and awareness.

  4. Energize Campaigns and Initiatives: With more supporters, the Curry County Democrats can run more robust and effective campaigns. This includes supporting candidates for local offices, advocating for policies, and organizing events. A motivated and engaged base is essential for achieving success in elections and policy goals.

  5. Build Long-term Sustainability: A growing and engaged membership base contributes to the long-term sustainability of the Curry County Democrats. This ensures that the party remains active, relevant, and able to address the evolving needs and priorities of the community over time.

Remember, effective recruitment involves not only identifying potential supporters but also fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment within the party. Encourage open dialogue, listen to different perspectives, and provide opportunities for individuals to actively participate and contribute. This way, you can create a dynamic and engaged community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to advancing Democratic values in Curry County.

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Support Local Democratic Candidates

Click on icons below for more information

Check with the Curry County Clerk's office to see who has registered for offices.

Look up candidates in your local and/or state and federal elections here.

See if your candidate has signed up with Act Blue. If not, contact their campaign to find out how to make donations.

Supporting a local democratic political candidate can make a significant impact on the community and the political landscape. Here are three effective ways to do so:

Volunteer for the Campaign:

  • Door Knocking and Canvassing: This involves going door-to-door in neighborhoods to talk to potential voters about the candidate’s platform and encourage them to vote. It’s one of the most effective ways to connect with voters on a personal level.
  • Phone Banking: Volunteers make phone calls to potential voters to inform them about the candidate’s positions and remind them about upcoming elections. This helps in voter engagement and turnout.
  • Event Planning and Staffing: Help organize and support campaign events, like town halls, rallies, or meet-and-greets. This ensures that the candidate has a platform to connect with the community.
  • Social Media and Digital Campaigning: Offer your skills in managing social media accounts, creating graphics, writing content, or even helping with online advertising.

Financial Support:

  • Donations: Contribute financially to the campaign. Even small donations can add up and help cover expenses for advertising, materials, and staff.
  • Fundraising Events: Organize or participate in fundraising events for the candidate. This could be a dinner, a charity auction, or even a virtual event.
  • Grassroots Fundraising: Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to donate to the campaign. Personal endorsements can be very persuasive.

Spread the Word:

  • Social Media Advocacy: Share the candidate’s posts and content on your social media channels. Write your own posts explaining why you support them and why others should too.
  • Write Letters to the Editor: Submit letters to local newspapers or online platforms expressing your support for the candidate and their policies.
  • Word-of-Mouth: Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about the candidate and their positions. Encourage them to get involved as well.
  • Remember to respect all campaign finance laws and regulations when providing financial support, and always represent the candidate’s platform accurately when speaking on their behalf.

By combining these strategies, you can significantly bolster the local democratic candidate’s chances of success in the election. Your efforts can help shape the political landscape for the better.

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Click on an icon for a link to more information.
State of Oregon: How to run for an office
Run for Something: A website promoting young progressives candidacies.

Here are five good reasons to consider running for a local political office:

  • Direct Impact on Your Community: Local officials have a direct influence on the well-being and development of their communities. From education and public safety to infrastructure and zoning, you can directly contribute to making positive changes in your area.

  • Representation of Constituents: Running for office gives you the opportunity to represent the interests and concerns of your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members. You can be their voice in decision-making processes.

  • Advocacy for Important Issues: If there are specific causes or issues you’re passionate about, holding a local office provides a platform to advocate for and work towards positive change in those areas.

  • Learning and Personal Growth: Serving in a local office can be a tremendous learning experience. You’ll gain insights into the workings of government, policy-making, and community dynamics. This experience can also help you develop valuable skills in leadership, negotiation, and public speaking.

  • Addressing Local Challenges: Every community faces its unique set of challenges. By running for office, you can contribute to finding innovative and effective solutions to local issues, whether they involve economic development, housing, environment, or public health.

Remember, running for office requires careful planning, dedication, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of your community. It’s important to be well-informed about the responsibilities of the position you’re considering and to connect with your community to understand their needs and concerns. If you decide to pursue this path, it can be a fulfilling and meaningful way to make a positive impact on your local community.




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  • Increase Voter Engagement and Turnout: voter registration drives, education campaigns, and get-out-the-vote efforts. This helps to ensure that more people in our community are informed and engaged in the democratic process, ultimately leading to a more representative and accountable government.
  • Balance Political Influence: In our area, political power is weighted towards the Republicans. Fostering a more diverse and dynamic political environment leads to more balanced policy-making that reflects a wider range of perspectives.
  • Promoting Democratic Values and Policies: We support and promote issues like affordable healthcare, climate change, civil rights, and social justice and seek to advance these causes at a grassroots level.
  • Building Stronger Communities: The Curry Democrats invest time and effort supporting community development initiatives. These efforts can include programs for education, public health, housing, and job creation, making your community a better place to live.
  • Funding Grassroots Campaigns: The Curry County Democrats often support candidates running for city councils, school boards, state legislatures, and other local positions. These candidates play a vital role in shaping policies that directly impact our community.


  1. We believe that we can all work together to build a better society – that “we’re all in this together” is a better philosophy than “you’re on your own.”
  2. We hold that the Constitution of the United States of America, in its entirety, is the supreme law of the land, and no other document, religious or secular, shall be held above it.
  3. We value compassion, generosity of spirit, and willingness to come to the aid of others. We are motivated by optimism and hope, not fear and cynicism.
  4. We believe that the role of government is to provide every person with opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless or race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or accident of birth.
  5. We believe that our economic success depends on the shared prosperity of all people, not the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few.
  6. We believe that our shared prosperity and competitiveness in the world market depends on the ability of every member of our community to reach their full potential through access to quality, affordable education.
  7. We believe that universal access to quality, affordable health care is both an individual right and a common good for society as a whole.
  8. We believe in finding practical, innovative solutions to the problems of our community, state and nation. Yesterday’s solutions can’t solve tomorrow’s problems.
  9. We believe that a clean environment is essential to the wellbeing of our community and our planet, and that no one has the right to the unsustainable exploitation of the earth’s resources for profit or personal gain.
  10. We understand that hard-­earned tax dollars paid by the middle class and poor should not be used to subsidize tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. Those who benefit most from society should contribute the most.
  11. We respect a woman’s right to make her own choices for herself and her family with respect to her health and her body.
  12. We hold the right to vote as fundamental to our democratic system of government and that no law, regulation, or administrative action should limit the ability of all adult citizens to exercise the right to vote and to have those votes accurately counted.
  13. We support the constitutional right of every law­abiding adult to keep and bear arms for self defense, hunting, and recreation.
  14. We believe that secure borders are essential to national security. We advocate ending unauthorized immigration through improved border security, by requiring employers to give priority to hiring U.S. citizens at a fair market-­based wage, and by implementing a guest worker program for documented insistence where the domestic labor supply proves to be insufficient to meet demand.
  15. We assert that constitutional rights should apply only to natural people, not legal entities created by government. We therefore support a constitutional amendment specifying that rights enumerated in the Constitution apply only to natural people.
  16. We honor the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech and assert that this right is compromised when money is linked under the law to political speech. We therefore support a Constitutional amendment to permit state and federal governments to set limits on the use of money in political speech.


The Curry County Democrats is the highest authority in county party policies. This body has the authority to adopt rules (called Bylaws) or resolutions covering any matter of party government within the county. Additionally, this is the body that establishes the policies, articulates the beliefs, and establishes the standard of all local Democratic candidates. These basic policies, beliefs, and standards are then passed on to the State and National party for action.

The Curry County Democrats has the power to call for and receive reports from the Executive Committee, the standing committees, and any special or ad hoc committees; act upon proposed resolutions; and take such action as it deems appropriate to further the purpose and goals of the Democratic Party.

 The Curry County Democrats membership is made up of all Democratic Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) elected or appointed in Curry County and any Democratic legislator who lives in and is a PCP of another county and who represents a portion of Curry County.

The Curry County Democrats and its membership are active locally in numerous projects and issues, on a wide variety of interests and are dedicated to making people’s lives better.

Executive Committee

Commmitee Offices

The Chair 




Office Manage

 Information Officer

Events Manager


4th District State Central Committee Delegate(s) and alternate(s)

4th Congressional District Delegate(s) and alternate(s).

Current Officers

Chair:  Bret Cecil


Vice-Chair:  Vicki Bradley


Secretary:  Lynn Turner


Treasurer:  Teresa Lawson


Office Manager:  Lisa Neher


Public Information Officer:  Lisa Neher


IT Officer/Webmaster:  Tom Bozack



State Central Committee

Delegates:  Bret Cecil, Les Goodrich


State Central Committee  (4th-CD) Delegates: 

Vicki Bradley, Deb Worth


4th Congressional District (4th-CD) Alternate:  

Bret Cecil

Our Central Committee

Voting members of the Central Committee consist of the members of the Executive Committee and the Precinct Persons.  All Democrats are invited to attend Central Committee meetings. 


Contact the office for more information if you wish to attend.

Precincts and PCPs

About Precinct Persons (PCPs)

Precinct Committee Persons are the building blocks of the Democratic Party of Oregon. They are voted on locally and represent precincts of 250 registered voters. But there are additional responsibilities, powers and opportunities vested in these grassroots elected officials.

PCPs are the critical driving force behind registering voters, getting out the word on candidates, and helping Democrats understand the party’s structure, process, and platform. They are the people who go out, walk neighborhoods, and connect with and activate progressive Oregonians, by talking to independent, unaffiliated, and Democratic voters alike. These are completely volunteer positions with time commitment and responsibilities largely set by each PCP individually.

Current PCPs by Precinct

PCT 2  Les Goodrich

PCT 4  Bret Cecil

PCT 5  Rich Folden

PCT 6  Bruce Levy

            Casey Folden

PCT 7  Jane Odson

PCT 8  Joy May

PCT 10

PCT 11 

PCT 15  Debra Worth

PCT 16  Teresa Lawson

              Dan Sherman

PCT 17  Tom Bozack

              Linda Bozack

PCT 18  Vicki Bradley

PCT 19  Lisa Neher

PCT 24  Jan Henault

Privacy Statement

PRIVACY STATEMENT.  Curry County Democrats is committed to protecting your privacy. While using our website, you do not have to identify yourself or divulge personal information. If you should choose to give us your personal information, you decide the amount of information you provide. This Privacy Statement applies to data collection and usage on

Collection of your Personal Information.  There are several places on our web site where we may ask for your name, address, telephone number, email address, interests and other information. We use the information you provide to send you the latest news and updates. We often work closely with the national and state of Oregon Democratic committees and candidates, and we may share some basic contact information with them, and they may contact you. In addition, we may contact you on behalf of some other like-minded organizations, but we do not share your contact information with them.  Under Federal Election law, we are required to make periodic filings that provide the Federal Election Commission through the state of Oregon with information on each contributor: name, address, amount of contribution, date of contribution, employer and occupation. We collect and disclose this information, and we also request other information to verify the legality of your contribution.  ActBlue contributions are reported as well.

Use of your Personal Information.  Curry County Democrats collects and uses your personal information to deliver the services you have requested. These services may include the display of customized content based upon the information we have collected. We will send you information consistent with preferences you have selected. The e-mails we send will include information on unsubscribing, and you may always contact us and request to be removed from a particular list.  We may very occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, such as handling the processing and delivery of mailings, providing customer support, processing transactions, or performing statistical analysis of our services. We will only provide those companies with the personal information they need to deliver the service. They are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information and are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.  Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with an appropriate law enforcement investigation, current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on our Web site.

Control of your Personal Information.  To unsubscribe via email, send a message to  Be sure to specify the email address which should be removed. To contact us via email for general questions or comments, send an email to To contact us or unsubscribe via US mail, send a letter with your full name and email address to: Curry County Democrats, PO Box 146, Brookings, OR  97415. To contact us or unsubscribe via telephone, please call us at 541-412-3367 during the office hours listed on this page.  If you do not reach us, you can leave a voice mail message.

How do we protect your information?  Our website has a number of security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. Computer systems have restricted access limited only to those persons and organizations necessary to the proper functioning of the site. This access applies to all electronic and physical security measures. Highly sensitive data including credit card information is additionally secured through the use of encryption, including the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Contact Information.  Curry County Democrats welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Statement. If you believe that we have not adhered to this Statement, please contact us by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail.